Project File


A cinematic orchestral piece with a generous dose of epic! This project puts the whole ensemble through its paces with a traditional approach to writing that explores a wide range of dynamics, colors, and orchestration techniques.

Explore the project file to study how these virtual instruments were programmed, performed, produced, mixed, and finalized as a polished production. Optionally, use it as a template for your own productions, with the mix and plugin settings in tact.

The Project File

All of the MIDI and CC data used to sculpt the final performance

Printed audio STEMS for each section of the orchestra, so you can still hear the project even without owning the sample libraries used.

Expression Maps for convenient articulation management and custom keyswitches

Track layout, signal flow, and routing optimized for flexibility and easy STEM printing

Notated Score

Included is the full orchestral score in PDF format, PLUS separated parts for each orchestral section for easier reading.

Read along with the project and solo individual instruments for detailed study of how written score can translate into a virtual performance.

Parts include: Woodwinds, Brass, Strings, Percussion, Harp and Choir. (transposed to “easy clefs” – Treble and Bass clef only)

Plugins & Production

See how the final mix was shaped using a variety of stock plugins, Spaces II (included in East West’s Composer Cloud), and two free plugins by Tokyo Dawn Labs – no need for paid plugins.

Bypass plugins to hear the before and after to fully understand the importance of production.

Use the settings as presets for your own productions.


  • The “Full Project” Cubase file including all MIDI and Audio
  • A “Lite Project” Cubase file with all instrument tracks disabled and samples unloaded, for a minimal resource footprint.
    • Audio STEMS are included so you can still playback the project and hear it just as if all tracks were enabled.
  • Fully notated score including parts (PDF)
  • Documentation to help you get started and navigate the project
  • BONUS: Included in the project are a range of extra goodies including Expression Maps, Custom Track Colors, Plugin Settings & Presets, a pre-mixed template for you to use with your own compositions
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  • Steinberg Cubase Pro (8.5 or higher required)
  • Eastwest Hollywood Orchestra, Hollywood Choirs, Hollywood Harp (all included in Composer Cloud) – Both Gold and Diamond versions supported
  • East West Spaces II
  • TDR NOVA, TDR Proximity
NOTE: We’ve received reports that TDR NOVA and Proximity do NOT work on MacOS Catalina at this point in time.


  • 22GB RAM for the Full Project / 4GB RAM for the Lite Project
  • Intel i7 3.4GHz quad-core or equivalent
  • Samples streaming from SSD


I don't have all of the Sample Libraries listed for this product. Can I still use the project file?

Yes. There are audio tracks that cover all of the used sample libraries that you can use instead of having the samples loaded.

For example, if you do not own the Hollywood Harp library, you can simply disable that track and use the Harp Audio Track instead, while still being able to follow along with the MIDI.

I don't use Cubase. Can I still use this project?

Unfortunately, the files included will only work with Cubase. This project is made very specifically for Cubase’s features and the plugins that come with it.

But please use the suggestion box at the bottom of the home page as I’d love to know which DAW you use and what products you’d like to see supported in the future!