Synthestration Study Kit #1 – Symphonic Explorations

Symphonic Explorations is the very first piece of music produced for It was written specifically to demonstrate the strengths and versatility of Eastwest Quantum Leap’s Symphonic Orchestra sample library while maintaining a very low resource footprint. Calm and flowing, bombastic and playful, the piece transitions through several cinematic moments in order to cover a variety of musical styles.


  • Documentation to help you get off to a flying start
  • THREE project files:
    1. Symphonic Explorations FULL
    2. Symphonic Explorations UL
    3. Symphonic Explorations UL_UM
    The first file Symphonic Explorations FULL can be considered the ‘master’ session. This is the project file used to create the Audio demo associated with this SSK. It is mixed (levels, panning, FX sends are pre-configured) and all instruments are loaded to their respective tracks.
    The second file Symphonic Explorations UL is UnLoaded, meaning that there are no instruments loaded onto tracks or into RAM, allowing you to load the instrument patches according to your unique sample directory. This file is helpful if you are given errors when loading the FULL project.
    The third file Symphonic Explorations UL_UM stands for UnLoaded and UnMixed. This is a bare-bones template file including track structure, MIDI data and routing, but with no instruments loaded and all Volume Levels, Pan values, and FX sends are set to zero. This is a great way for you to practice your mixing and production skills, or experiment with different space and positioning techniques.
  • Mixed and unmixed audio exports as .wav and .mp3
  • Access to the support chat-room where you can ask the composer questions in real-time


  • Eastwest Quantum Leap’s Symphonic Orchestra Gold
  • Quantum Leap Spaces

Hardware Recommendations:

  • The full project uses about 4GB of RAM in total, so a minimum of 8GB is recommended.
  • Tested and working on 2011 15″ Macbook Pro, and a PC with 3.4GHz i7 2600k.
  • 7200rpm Hard Disk or faster (I recommend SSD)


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