Project File


An orchestral MIDI mock-up designed to demonstrate the strengths and versatility of Eastwest Quantum Leap’s Symphonic Orchestra sample library, while maintaining a very low resource footprint. Calm and flowing, bombastic and playful, the piece transitions through several cinematic moments in order to cover a variety of musical styles.

The Project File

Every piece of MIDI data used to sculpt the final performance

Printed audio stems for each section of the orchestra

Custom Expression Maps for convenient articulation management

Track layout and routing optimized for flexibility and stem management

Notated Score

Included is the full score in PDF format, PLUS separated parts for each orchestral section for easier reading

Parts include: Woodwinds, Brass, Strings, Percussion, Piano and Harp.

Plugins & Production

See how the final mix was shaped using nothing but free stock plugins, and Spaces II (included in East West’s Composer Cloud)

No need for expensive paid plugins


  • The “Full project” file for Cubase and Logic including all MIDI, plugins and routing
  • “Lite Project” file with all samples unloaded and Instrument tracks disabled, for a minimal resource footprint
  • Fully notated score including parts (PDF)
  • BONUS: Included in the project are a range of extra goodies including Expression Maps (Cubase only), Custom Track Colors, Plugin Settings & Presets, & a pre-mixed template for you to use with your own compositions
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    • Steinberg Cubase 8.5 (or higher) or Logic Pro X
    • East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold*
    • East West Spaces II*
* Included in the Composer Cloud subscription


  • When fully loaded, the project uses about 4GB of RAM in total, so I’d recommend a machine with 8GB of RAM minimum. (You can still open the “Unloaded” project file with 4GB ram)
  • Intel i7 2.6GHz quad-core or equivalent
  • All samples streaming from a 7200RPM HDD or faster
  • Note: This project was tested and confirmed to work flawlessly on a 2011 Macbook pro